Best Road Bike Tires for All Occasions

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Every bicycle tire brand has its own materials, technology, features and specifications, almost nothing is the same. Here are some of the fastest brands and types of tires in the road bike category for use on roads:

1. Vittoria Corsa Speed

The Corsa Speed uses Graphene compound, is a carbon-derived material, which increases tire strength while decreasing rolling resistance, two factors that are favorable for bicycle tire speed.
This Vittoria Corsa tire has a good grip for all road conditions and outstanding wet weather grip, including cornering at high speeds.

2. The Continental Grand Prix 5000

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 features BlackChili Compond (the balance of grip, speed & mileage), Active Comfort (absorbs vibrations and smoothens your ride), Lazer Grip (to make you one with the road, provides outstanding cornering) and Vectran (for puncture protection), still weighs around 216 grams, making it one of the lightest racing bicycle tires. This tire is also included in the all-round class, so it is safe to use in all weather on road conditions.

3. Specialized Turbo Rapid Air 2Bliss

Specialized Turbo Rapid Air 2Bliss is one of the most racing bicycle tires, besides that there is also Specialized Turbo Cotton. Specialized Turbo RapidAir 2Bliss is a 120 TPI tubeless tire, with GRIPTON compound and a special structure from Specialized that makes this tire grip very well on the road. Another advantage of this tire is the RapidAir feature for a more tight air sealing, and makes it easier to install tubeless tires on bicycle rims / wheels.

4. The Pirelli P Zero Velo 

The Pirelli P Zero Velo is a very light Time Trial tire, weighing only 165 grams, which is the lightest among the other tires above. Pirelli uses Smartnet Silica material with a 127 TPI casing that prioritizes low rolling resistance. This tires have several color variants that you can choose.

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