Sprinting, Climbing, Long Riding; “Roubaix Sport”

Hello, Awesome People!!

This bike is for you who like adventure. Enjoy long ride but also fast ride with confidence.

Roubaix Sport is built on the idea that smoother is faster. Why? Beside the awesome design and material frame, there are two USP that create Roubaix Sport to be a great endurance or long riding road bike. First, The USP of the Roubaix is the future shock 2.0 like suspension at the headset, which features an adjustable damper, gives you more control on rough roads. Not only delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride, but it also reduces fatigue and increases speed over harsh terrain.

Second, Pavé seatpost that creates balance, aerodynamics that equal the Tarmac and provides fore-aft flex for a smooth ride in bumpy conditions. The pave seat post is designed to give quite a bit of vibration reduction in the rear. It’s all about comfort and absorbing bumps. When you hit the pothole, some rough roads, or some imperfections surfaces in the roads. For diminishing that vibration coming up into the body.

Not only comfortable, but also aerodynamic and fast. With the awesome frame (FreeFoil Shape Library technology & Win Tunnel tested), the new Roubaix is more aero than the Tarmac SL6. With wide gear 11 speed, and Shimano 105 take care of shifting and braking. Come with DT SWISS 28mm tires, but have clearance for up to 33mm. So you can feel safe and solid with durable wide tires, even on imperfect roads.

Long hours, climbing, rough roads, fast and fierce ride?! Come on!!! 


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