Hello, Wonderful People!!!!

Are you looking for a bicycle right now? We want to introduce a cross bike from Anchor. If you want a fast cycle that also has a more upright posture for comfortable commuting to school or work, also fun riding around town, this bike is perfect for you.

Based on the specifications of the RL3 DROP model.  RL3 FLAT has been changed to a flat bar handle. Flat handle bar give you good control, wide visibility, and upright riding posture for relaxed cycling.

The carbon fork is phenomenal value that improves handling and reduces reducing road buzz, which aids comfort on long rides. Also, minimizes fatigue in your hands, neck and shoulders.

This is the right bike for those who are new to sports bikes and have resistance to drop handles. Since the frame is based from the drop model, anytime you want to ride as a road bike, you can replace the flat handlebar with a drop handle.


Please visit Sports Bike Factory to check it out, and for further information.

Enjoy your day! 😀






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