Fresh Bar Tape to Freshen Up Your Bike

Good Day, Wonderful Cyclists!!!!

If you’re considering to change your bar tape for personalizing your bike. There is Ciclovation, the high quality bar tape with so many options of color to match with your personality and bike.

They have lighter touch.

Inside the box include the bar tapes, and plug that is secured using allen bolt. It also includes two finishing tapes with the logo printed for the securing the ends of the tapes after you install. They look really good quality stuff not like the cheaper. The bar end plugs they are mount made by plastic, and mounted using an allen bolt. It has thickness 3,5 mm, and width of 3 mm. They weigh 41 gram for each. All include the black finishing tapes and plugs about 106 grams.

The bar tape feature reusable smart gel for vibration damping underneath the tape.

They are not super tacky, they feel leathery. The colored parts feel very smooth, not very tacky, and it starts more grippy in the black part.

They have nice padding for impact shock absorption. You can feel sponginess.

The finishing tape add to the advantages of this high quality bar tape. Without putting too much force or stretching it. It just lay it down, and wrap around nicely without wrinkles.

Visit Sports Bike Factory for these bar tapes and further information!

Happy Cycling!!!!





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