The Tyre Which Find Your Way

Hello, Fellow Riders!!!!

Gravel riding is one of the fastest growing styles of cycling. The sense of adventure, conquering new challenges, and simply experiencing a new style of riding are some of its big selling points, but doing so without the proper tires makes the difference between having fun and cursing and hollering on the side of the road.


If you can only afford one tire for gravel (or you hate the hassle of swapping tubeless tires), put this one at the top of your list.

Specialized Pathfinder is the perfect tire for every appellation of gravel, but it is versatile enough to be trouble-free on almost any off-pavement adventure. The Pathfinder is nearly as quiet and smooth as a true road tire. It definitely give you a bit more confidence when you need to move and move quickly from side to side along a gravel path. With a smooth centre strip, these tyres roll brilliantly. Tyre that really thrives on the road and hard-pack trails.


Plus the gum walls look awesome ;D

The install is relatively easy. In fact, with a little practice, for someone who has a lot of experience with tubeless, the Pathfinder will be super easy to install.

When cornering on loose gravel, dusty trails, or even through sandy washes, the Pathfinder’s minimalist side tread is reliably grippy. Through rocky terrain, the Pathfinder also delivers the versatility that these adventure-laden rides deserve—fast rolling, lots of grip, and a whole lot of fun.


Come and visit us, Sports Bike Factory, and grab The Pathfinder if you ready…

Enjoy your adventure!!!




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