Kickstand on a road bike???

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Can you put a kickstand on a road bike?

A kickstand’s sole purpose is to hold a bike upright while you aren’t riding it. But why almost road bikes don’t have them?

Lightweight road bikes are easy to fall down.

A bike falling sideways onto its derailleur can cause enough damage to your bike. A bike that weighs 15 kg is already easy enough to accidentally knock over. A road bike that only weighs 9 kg fall down much easier. There’s no way to predict which way the wind may blow, or how someone will accidentally bump into your bike. In book “Sloane’s Complete Book of All-Terrain Bicycles” that a knocked-over bike can experience damage to not only its derailleur, but also brake levers and paint finish. So, kickstands were never perfect.

Kickstand add weight

A bicycle rider wants the lightest bicycle possible that can handle the job of handling the road conditions and hill climbing, with no causes of unnecessary aerodynamic drag. You can tell how much someone is into road biking by how much they talk about how light their bike is. So, the mere thought of adding some extra metal to their bike is too heavy for them. Along with weight, drag is one of the most important things to reduce as a serious cyclist. It makes your bike run slower. 

Kickstands can damage your frame

For the love of bike, do not put a kickstand on a road bike, especially a carbon frame. If you tighten a kickstand after its bolts loosen, its sleeve can squeeze and damage the chainstays, which are the frame tubes that lead from the bottom bracket to the dropouts that hold the rear wheels.

So, how to park your road bike? 

Leaning the frame against a pole, leaning the back wheel against a wall,

leaning on the ground, park in the bike park, or hang on the bike rack.


You also can use bike stand if you want to stand your bike at home.

Hope this information can help you.

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