WET or DRY? The Difference of Chain Lub

Hello Cyclists!!

Bicycle chain lubricant (lube) is an essential item for your bike maintenance. If you hear your chain squeaking you definitely need to re-lubricate it. What is the difference of wet and dry lube?


Dry lube is best for dry, dirty, and dusty environments, especially off-road or on gravel. The result is thin and waxy, which prevents dust, sand, and dirt from sticking to the chain. Dry Lube can also be used on derailleurs, shifters, cables, and brake pivot points. It is also much cleaner to use. It take a couple of hours (2-4 hours) to dry after application. The downside is they don’t last very long and water washes the lube away. Because dry lube is thin and lighter, it doesn’t last long, and it will get washed of in wet conditions. Therefore it is more frequent application than wet lubes and should be reapplied after a rainy ride. Also the chain needs to be very clean before applying.



Half wet from Wako's

Wet Lube is typically recommended for extreme conditions. Because it’s thick and sticky, it is longest lasting and most water resistant lube. Wet Lube goes on wet, and stays wet… to provide maximum drivetrain smoothness, extremely quiet rides, and ultimate rust protection in the harshest of environments (wet, muddy, and humid). Don’t need time to dry, so can just reapply as needed on the spot. The downside is because wet lub is sticky, it has a tendency to collect dirt and grit from the road.

However, the two most important things are keeping your chain clean and lubricated. This will result in a longer-lasting chain that will pedal easily and smoothly, regardless of what type of lube you use.

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Wish you happy cycling! ;D




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