Roval Alpinist, The Cockpit for The Ultimate Bike

Good Day, Fabulous Riders!!!

Specialized offer riders more component designed to drop their system weight. Roval Alpinist Cockpit is featherweight handlebar. It is one piece stem cockpit. The benefit that they’re actually offering a no crash no fault lifetime warranty replacement. So Specialized always give replacement if you crash on it and it breaks. It will be good for some racers. The price is around 9万. It’s quite expensive. But it is equal if you combine an excellent stem and a great handlebar plus life time warranty. You can ride and race with more confidence.

photo credit by: GC Performance

It also super light. As we know, weight is the enemy of performance. Specialized has done everything in their resources and technology to design a one-piece integrated bar stem that meets the standards but is the lightest. It weighs only 255 grams (110 mm x 420 mm). Lighter weight not only provides even faster climbs, but also improves acceleration and ride quality.

The round tube shape and traditional bends of the alpinist cockpit respect the sophisticated traditional shape, while the optimized layup utilizes the latest technology.

There are 9 sizes in Japan, and you can find the one that fit you best.

Come visit Sports Bike Factory to check it out.




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