MET; Do-it-All Helmet

Howdy Y’all?!

Are you looking for helmet not only for the safety reason but also support your performance on the road? As ‘Do-It-All’ helmet,  The  MET Rivale Mips gives you superior performance and an aggressive presence on the road that leaves a lasting impression. Safer, more comfortable, more efficient.

The Rivale MIPS was developed through long period of data collection in the wind tunnel laboratory. The lightweight design combines excellent ventilation, and ideal aerodynamic flow.

The position of the front vents is designed for channeling the largest amount of air toward the top portion of the head. The NACA slip top of the Rivale, creates the Venturi Effect, pushing hot air away from the head through rear facing vents.

The fit is unparalleled and thanks to its new Safe-T Upsilon retention system the helmet is stable on the head. The 360° head belt ensures that there are no pressure points on the skull and its easy to use vertical adjustment leaves you with an individual fit.

With MIPS technology, the Rivale combines an extraordinary price-quality ratio and all the advantages of the brain protection system against rotational forces. MIPS is engineered to add at least 10% extra safety to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts.

The front of the helmet is designed with wider and longer vents which improve the ventilation and they can also serve for securely docking sunglasses on longer climbs or during your coffee break.





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