Comfort and Freedom Saddle “Fizik Antares R3”

Good Day, Good Riders!!!

If you are looking a lightweight saddle without any cutouts or relief channels, super-duper comfort for long riding, this is a great option for you.

Fizik Antares R3 is the lightweight saddle that gives the riders comfort and freedom of movement. It is designed for a whole range of riding styles.

Good shaping and supportive padding that can help if you suffer from pain and numbness. Wing Flex technology which enables flexibility where your thighs meet the saddle.

The Antares has long nose and wide rear section. The nose is narrow for plenty of clearance if you have large thighs, and the whole seat allows you to move around a fair bit to boost comfort and bike response. You can easily slide back when climbing, and use the wide rear section as a platform to push against.

Available in regular and large size.

Regular size:
– Weight: 200 g
– Dimensions: 275×141 mm

Large size:
– Weight: 205 g
– Dimensions: 275×152 mm

Enjoy your riding!!



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