Budget Upgrade for Better Experience

Hello, Wonderful Riders!!!

With little upgrade you could change your riding experience to be more exiting and enjoyable. This list will help you to decide which item that you need to upgrade.

  1. Change the tyres

When you like to replace old running shoes when they already wear out. You need to do the same with your bike tyres. And just like you choose the new shoes, the same applies with new tyres. You want to make sure they it well, but also want to upgrade the performance such as better speed, durability or it with the condition. There are some key features to consider when you look or replacement tyres:

      • Size, make sure the size is fit for wheels, clearance, and condition. Ask the mechanic that you trust for confirmation.
      • Getting tread pattern that work for you. Gravel, on road, off road, paved, muddy, wet and dry. Choose that fit with your circumstances.
      • Puncture protection layer tyres or tubeless tyre with a good quality sealant. The benefit is that you’ll reduce the risk of a flat tyre or pinch flat when do hit those rather hard objects out on the road.

2. Saddle

Saddles are incredibly personal items. Everyone is different; sizes, sit bones, flexibility, and riding style. First, get yourself measured, the distance of your seat bones. Saddle manufactures will offer the range sizes, shapes, and materials. But the most important is the saddle that size is fit for you. Then suit with your budget. Ask your local bike shop if they offer test or rent saddle.

3. Hand Grip/Bar Tape


Make sure your grip or bar tapes are comfortable to you. It is really big factor to enjoy your riding. These items have function to damp vibration that cause weariness in the arms spread to shoulders and back.

4. Decent bottle cage

You don’t want you lost your bottle on the road when you get dehydration. Choose the bottle cages that grip well, even in the extreme condition. But also easy to put out/in your bottle while you ride on.

5. Cleaning Kits

Clean bikes change all. It is a big part of your bicycle maintenance routine. Washing your bike regularly will ensure all your bike parts have a long and happy life. Whether you ride a road bike or a mountain bike, taking the time to wash your bike (especially your drivetrain) is a necessity. Lubrication protects moving parts from excessive wear caused by friction, prevents them from “freezing up,” and helps keep rust and corrosion at bay.

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