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No matter whether you’re interested in taking an extended tour or going for a casual Sunday afternoon ride, you may want to consider the advantages of having a saddle bag. Saddle bags by ORTLIEB create stowage space for tools, replacement tubes and other equipment that could save your day or your partner’s day. ORTLIEB saddle bag are entirely unobtrusive and remain snuggly attached to your bike even as you speed down your favorite single track. This ultra-bright saddle bag offers a real payload and comes with a convenient adapter system for quick and easy attachment.

With a 4.1-liter payload, the pack is spacious enough to replace a small backpack.

Made of a highly reflective fabric, the waterproof Saddle-Bag  is a designed that offers enhanced safety.

The Saddle-Bag is ideal for road bikers, mountain bikers and other bikers who want a stand-alone pack or additional stowage space for longer tours.


Thanks to the pack’s roll closure and side buckles, everything you stow remains snugly packed and easy to access.

The Saddle-Bag attaches directly to your bike seat with an adjustable snap buckle.

The intuitive adapter allows you to quickly attach the pack to or detach it from your bike.

Moreover, the snap buckle is compatible with all previous Saddle-Bag models so that you could use it on different bikes.

A Velcro strap that attaches to your seat stem provides additional stability, effectively preventing any unwanted shifting.

Another advantage: the pack doubles as a rear fender, keeping spray water off your back.

Good bag should accompany you while riding…


Enjoy your day! 🙂


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