The Best Layer for Summer

Alle Goeds, Fellow Riders?!

When you riding in hot weather, you can’t decide to wear a base layer or not. You hate being too hot when riding and it seemed a base layer would make things worse.

Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeveless is made of functional mesh with big holes that offers superior ventilation and cooling, allowing you to perform at your best also in warm conditions. In addition, this superlight garment comes with ergonomic 3D design that ensures perfect fit and optimal freedom of movement.

A great item to wear underneath your bike jersey for enhanced cooling and moisture transport.

Moisture-wicking 6-channel Coolmax polyester and elastane fabric with a large mesh hole design cools your body by up to 6 degrees, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense workouts on hot summer days.

Once you get the right size, the summer base layer is very nice. It wicks away your sweat during hot uphills so you don’t chill on the downhills. The fabric is very thin and light so it won’t overheat you in hot weather. If anything, the sun protection and wicking will make you feel cooler in hot sunny weather.

• 100% Mesh Superlight fabric
• Extremely lightweight
• Superior moisture transport and cooling
• Ergonomic 3D design

Please check it out for this amazing stuff!



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