High End Bar Tape for Your Bike

Goodbye July! Helloww, Fabulous Riders!!!!!

Our first greeting on August 😀

This August, are you considering to personalize your bike? The easiest way is changing your bar tape 😉

Introduce one…

SUPERCAZ Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape!!!!!

It’s a high end tape. It is super comfortable, though it’s quite pricey, It is lasted almost three times longer than other bar tape. So, it is really great value.

The easy to clean and durable design means this tape will last the distance, whether you use it in the rain, mud or bright sunlight. The distinctive design and super-bright colours mean this is the perfect finishing touch to your bike.


The top is soft and cushy, but felt secure and grippy. This tape is feel great with or without gloves. Yeah, those the reasons why Super Sticky Kush is the bar tape of choice for 3x World Champion Peter Sagan.

Fusing performance and style, Supacaz celebrates cycling with the most recognized colors.


Length: 2160mm Width: 30mm Thickness: 3mm

Super Sticky PU (top layer): Superior hand feel with long lasting performance. Extremely tacky advanced polyurethane that remains tacky in wet conditions. Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat. Embossed with the sacred geometric Supacaz pattern that maximizes grip and tackiness

Kush Foam (middle layer): Exclusive compound that maximizes the Kush feel from the thinnest amount of foam. Shock absorbing qualities that drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions.


Emboss: The tape is completed with the embossment of the beloved Supacaz pattern. The embossment creates the unique Supacaz look and increases the overall tackiness of the tape.

A high-end bar tape, the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bar Tape comes with two 100% aluminium Star Plugz, two rolls of tape and two patterned finish tapes.The tacky consistency makes the tape ideal for a range of bikes, as it ensures you never lose grip on the handlebar.

Please check another colors and patterns to make your bicycle personalized 🙂


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