Hello, Wonderful Riders!!!!!

How’s your life going? Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

In this cold weather, when some of us choose not to ride our bikes because it’s too freezing. Let me introduce the the gloves that help you to protect your arms from freezing.


The ultimate glove for long rides in cool to cold conditions, the Spettacolo RoS offers warmth, comfort and splash protection. Keep your fingers warm by battling your primary winter foes: wind, water, and your own body’s sweat.

A glove that’s warm without being bulky. Easy to get on and off. Waterproof without having it suck in dry weather due to low breathability, and super comfortable.

It use a stretch water-resistant windproof outer shell over PrimaLoft Gold insulation to make it warm, and an insanely soft inner liner that happens to slide easily over even a sweaty hand for easy on/off.

The wrist zipper allows the glove to open almost completely for ingress/egress and also slims up the glove so it doesn’t look like a ski glove, even though it’s good for moderately cold temperatures.

There’s a touchscreen-compatible insert at the tip of the forefinger so you still can check your phone or operate your GPS computer while on your bike.

The Spectacular Glove that can accompany you while protect your hands for long riding. Please come to Sports Bike Factory to find it!

Keep safe, and enjoy riding!!!


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