Simple yet So Bright, “Specialized Flash Headlight”

Hi, Awesome Riders!!!

Whether you’re riding late in the evening or early in the morning, you should have a light on your bike to increase your visibility. The Flash Headlight has single-LED oval beam pattern gives a perfect blend of spot and peripheral visibility.

Extra bright side lights to give you 180-degree visibility to other cyclists and motorists. It also waterproof means this light will be there when you need it, even in the hardest rain

Includes two different-sized straps to fit every round handlebar cockpit. With 700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery pack is an economical choice that delivers real-world usable lumens and runtimes. Micro USB cable included.

A clean, compact design with a simple-yet-elegant silicone strap. Super fast install and removal, very easy to mount.

There are two choices available: 300 lumens and 500 lumens. Both have four modes that can you adjust for your situation; flash, low, medium and high.


Stay Pedaling, Stay Seen, Stay Safe!!!


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