Why Gravel Bike?

ALOHA, Good People!!

Do you like more space and adventure in your life? If you are an adventure rider who likes to explore in bad or good weather, the gravel bike is the best option for you. Gravel bikes are generally designed for versatility and comfort over the course of an all-day riding adventure.

The speed of the gravel bike is not faster than the performance road bike. But the drop bars and frame geometry of a gravel bike make it quite fast on flat surfaces. The purpose of gravel bike is different from performance road bike and MTB. The gravel bikes are suitable for rider who like to explore the unexplored roads and places; like light trails, forest roads, dirt paths, canal routes, sand surfaces and more. Beside gravel bike capable of handling off-road and narrow track, they are also designed to be quick on the tarmac. The versatility of a gravel bike makes it ideal for long endurance rides, variable terrain, and even bikepacking. Almost gravel bikes are equipped with mounts for racks and fenders, in order to give it versality for commuting and wet weather riding. Therefore, it will feature plenty of storage to allow the rider to bring a lot of stuffs for long day or adventure riding.

photo credit by: camp365

In here, Sports Bike Factory, we offer gravel bikes from different brands.

  1. DIVERGE ELITE E5 from Specialized (214500円)

2. BRUNELLO from MASI (262900円)

They have carbon fork with pannier and fender mounts on both sides. The carbon fork is designed for extra vibration absorption. The frame and fork blades are designed with enough room for large tyres. All the components are GRX set up. The GRX brakes are hydraulic which crucial for gravel bikes. Disc brake gives you better modulation when it comes to braking, and offer consistent, effective stopping, whatever the conditions. The GRX lever is a little higher up, it means you can brake easier from the hoods.

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