Simple Upgrade for Your Bike

Hi, Good Riders!!

There are some simple yet important upgrade tips that you will consider if you want to level up your comfort and performance of your riding.

A good saddle for a better ride. First of all, if you have saddle soreness, which is pain or discomfort in area of your body in contact with the saddle, change your saddle is a good investment. Your body will thank you later. My advice is go to your local bike shop, tell your problem area and ask for advice and recommendation. Then check your saddle size, the wings of the saddle should support your sit bones. If you still have a doubt, ask if the shop has rental service for saddle. Rent the saddle that you already decide, then try to ride with it at least more than four times for long ride to adapt with the new pattern of saddle. Pick wisely and don’t skimp if you need a better saddle. Note: adjust the saddle height and position that fit to your body.

Handlebar grips or bar tapes. If your grips/bar tapes are sagging, asymmetrical or lumpy, replace them with the new one. The ergonomic and material quality greatly affects the comfort of your wrist and hands. Choose the type that provides good grip even in wet condition, and also have padding/cushion that reducing the vibrations from the road up into your arms. Last but not the least, the looks that match with your style. Fresh grips/bar tapes will always make a bike look and feel new again.

A set of good quality lights. The front and the tail light are important items if you’re hitting the roads after dark. Money well spent if having a powerful light to illuminate your path and to make you visible. Choose the lights with good brightness, lightweight, long run times, easy to install and remove.

Good pedals. In general, when you just bought a new bicycle, the built-in pedal is intended for short run times or test runs. That pedals are not very durable, and have poor performance. That’s the reason why pedals are usually the first to be upgraded. Whether the flat or clipless pedals, choose the pedals that lightweight, spin nicely on their bearings, grip well, and durable. Note: clean then grease the bolt thread before install the new one.

Well, adjust your budget and priority. And enjoy every step of the process! Keep Riding and Smile!


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