The Joy of Riding with Cannondale “Treadwell EQ”

Hi Good People!!!

If you’re looking for a new commuting bike or you already have a sport bike for competitive purpose, then you consider to have another bike that provides smooth ride for daily riding, then The Treadwell from Cannondale is the perfect choice… simple, reliable and easy to ride. This bike will bring a lot of joy on your ride. It is lightweight, east to get on and off, with a comfy reach to the bars, and a seat position that make it easy to put a foot down when needed. That comfort geometry that not too sporty to become uncomfortable, but not too relaxed that you feel slow.

The handlebar is BMX inspired, make you easier to control the bike. The tyres is little bigger than most bikes, but provide lots of grip, even in the rain, and do a good job at absorbing bumps. Wide ranging, 11-36, 9 speed on rear. And a single chainring on the front. It’s simple, and make you easy to get you up and down any hills you encounter on your ride. Then it is really good to know when you’re riding around town and you’ve got confidence of hydraulic disc brake.

There are frame protections to prevent damage of paint on the sides of top tubes that prevent scrapes when locking up the bike. The cable also is routed inside, so the bike looks clean.

The pedals are sturdy and huge, they also come with the skateboard grip pads. So your shoes are not going to be sliding off of pedals.

The Treadwell are equipped with an inbuilt censor paired up with Garmin along with the free application. Once the wheel starts spinning, it’s going to start requiring your distance, your time, and your speed. Then all the data will be saved, until you pair with a Cannondale app on your smartphone.  It will help you see just how far you’ve come, and how cycling can be the best fitness and health activity while having fun.

There is a mount on the stem, with SP-connect, it can hold your phone in convenient way.


The Treadwell EQ come with a huge rack makes you ride so much easier when you bring a lot of stuff. With full length mudguards and a kick stand that complete the bike, so you can enjoy your ride any day, any time. It is available in three sizes S, M, and L.


Have Fun and Enjoy The Ride!!!


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