Why Sirrus 3.0?

G’Day, Good People!!!

Finding the mix of nimble street riding and the capacity to take a beating out of the hills and valleys, or a beach cruiser. If you mostly commuting on weekdays, and on weekend want to escape go to rocky paths. Whatever your goals, you can achieve them with Specialized Sirrus. With a fast yet comfortable position, Sirrus will let you cruise when you want to, and get at it when you need to commute to work or school, or going to trail riding roughness. For Sirrus 3.0, Fact carbon fiber of fork not only reduce almost one and half kilo of the weight, but it also smooths out many vibration when riding.

When the engineers that specialized design the current Sirrus, they recognize that if riding isn’t comfortable it isn’t fun. And if it isn’t fun why ride. That’s why they design the Sirrus to fit your body by analyzing the data from thousands of riders, and they ended up with a bike with handlebars that are easy and comfortable to reach. Also comfortable and forward riding position for more efficiency.

And each size is designed to fit proportionately correct. Provide confident stopping with disc brakes. Keeps your booty and your hands happy with body geometry saddle and grips. Fender and rack rack mounts. Internal cable rooting for a clean look, plus integrated reflectivity.

What are you waiting for? Let Start Riding!!! ;D


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