Assos Superior “Chamois Cream”

Good Day, Riders!!!

Chamois cream is a softening balm or cream which either applied either directly on yourself or to the chamois itself. The function is to soothe, protect, and stop the chafing.

ASSOS’ legendary chamois crème is a pre-ride necessity that reduces friction-caused irritation, rehydrates and replenishes the skin, and minimizes the risk of saddle sores. Moisturizing with a slight cooling sensation, ASSOS Chamois Crème is the perfect viscosity to reduce friction, endure your longest rides, and thoroughly wash out without damaging or staining your chamois. ASSOS have perfected the formula over decades to become the industry benchmark for this staple of the cyclist’s toolkit.

Apply this cream, especially if you are on saddle for long hours a day or multiple days. Also when there are conditions that makes your chamois wet, such as rain, mud, excessive sweating, humidity, and high temperatures. Then your chamois becoming rough which causes high amounts of friction and rubbing on your skin and requires an additional barrier between your butt and shorts. Chafing and saddle sores are common problems for professional and amateur cyclists alike, so ASSOS specifically engineered a lubricating cream that relieves both issues.


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