CATEYE GVOLT100 : Illuminate Your World

Hallo, Wonderful Riders!!!

Illuminate your world without dazzling the other road users. Bicycle lights with StVZO are designed so the output of the light focus on the road ahead rather than everywhere else. The StVZO light is measured with Lux, not lumen. Lumen describe the amount of light that is radiated. Lux the indicated the illumination intensity of an area.

image credit by: badalonaled

CATEYE GVolt100 is a powerful StVZO light. With battery runtime 100 Lux (the highest mode) for 1.5 hour, 60 Lux for 3 hours, and the lowest mode 10 Lux for 15 hours. The beam is spread of light that projects far and bright, enormously wide illumination to capture the surroundings far beyond the road.

The GVolt100 is equipped with a three-level battery indicator to accurately determine the remaining battery life. Three levels: orange, red and red flashing.

The cartridge battery can be fully recharged within 3.5 hours via a USB port.
The light module can be mounted both above and below the handlebars and can also be converted into an e-bike light.

image credit by: CATEYE

Keep pedaling, Keep Safe!


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