Finding Your Holy Grail; TARMAC SL7


Innovation never stops at Specialized. Their engineers were committed to ensuring the riders would never have to choose between aero and weight again. The Tarmac SL7 achieves a marriage of light weight, aerodynamics, and ride quality previously thought impossible.

The Phenomenal bike. This bike is just on the verge of opening up a whole new segment in road biking as far as aerodynamics, clean look, comfort and speed.  Super aero bike for those faster flatter stages. The weight and the shape are crucially for the racers when it comes to aerodynamics. This is a quintessential race bike with aggressive geometry.  The front end of the bike is obviously great design, a new SL7 stem, that saves 45 grams weight.

The cables tucked down, so they’re hidden from the wind.

The frame set weights just 800grams. And for long climbing, this bike is very steady, super light and super comfortable. That means for Specialized pro riders is no longer having to make a choice for which bike to ride come race day between a climbing bike and an aero bike.

The fact carbon seatpost, on the bike underneath the saddle, there is an integration for Di2 control.

For saddle, the Specialized body geometry power saddle, this is a truncated nose saddle relieve some pressure on the front end. As your you’re bent over in the more aggressive position, and it does run hollow titanium rails.

This is an electronic shifting Ultegra race bike.  Awesome looking bike with the fastest components in the world, ensuring to achieved your goals.

The bike who rule them all…

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