Wherever You’re Heading, Sirrus 3.0 Will Take You There

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You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. We get it—life moves pretty fast, so it’s a good thing this bike help you with all of it. Wherever you’re heading, this bike will take you there.

Sirrus 3.0 has a nice long top tube. This cross bike or fitness bike that allow you to get across town fast and let your lungs breathe. The frame is lightweight of aluminum alloy with Fact carbon fork. And the carbon fork reduces the weight of the bike by almost 1.5 kg. The weight around 11kg with pedal on. Therefore, this is the light platform of the cross bike. It has good performance on a lot of mixed surfaced roads.

The carbon fork really does mitigate the vibration coming from the roads very well. Another the really good point that this bike has Shimano Tektro hydraulic disc brake system that works very well. It is powerful hydraulic disc brakes that provides reliable stopping power in any condition. Sometimes cruising through the city, you don’t always want to be full brake or no brake. Also the lever lets you either brake when coming down the road and there’s a lot pedestrians in the sidewalk, you will able to ease into the stopping power of this brake instead of all or nothing.

The shifting got the R9 Micro system from Shimano integrate with wide range 2×9 Shimano Sora Road components for intuitive and precise shifting. The clicks feel very intuitive & smooth. If you like riding really fast through town, and this bike lets you shift gears really quick, you can hit one gear to gear three. The common bike usually get a gap when try to shift, this bike will let the shift feel fly.

It also has the integrated reflectivity. The reflectivity into the paint, so you have Specialized logo and some colors underneath, also on the sidewalls. All reflects at night, so at night you can really see this bike in traffic very well.

It also has a wide gear range, you got a double chain ring up front and nine gears in the back. You can have pretty big jumps in between the high and the low range on. So if you live in a very hilly terrain type, this bike climbs really good. And if you need a lot of speed going down, this bike does that well too. So you can cruise or climb on with it.

Also the bridge saddle and the grip based on the body geometry. The ergonomically designed Body Geometry touchpoints are there to take the sting out of longer rides. So, as you push yourself to reach your goals, you’ll feel more connected to your bike and know that you have the perfect partner with Sirrus.

What are you waiting for? ;D

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