Lazer Century for Your The Most Types of Weather Helmet

Good Day, Fellow Riders!!!!

You want your helmet have many ventilation for air circulation especially when you ride in the hot temperature, but you also want your helmet have aerodynamic effect so you can ride faster. You can adapt it as you want in every season. Then, this helmet is a good choice for you..


The Century helmet is the result of 100 years of expertise. By integrating all knowledge and user requirements into one concept, the Century offers a new benchmark that requires no priorities for either protection, comfort, aerodynamics or visibility. The Century offers it all!


One of its most visible new technologies is the unique Twist Cap, which offers a twist-of-the-hand action to change the Century from a full-ventilated helmet into an aerodynamic helmet. Changing the twist cap from air to aerodynamic can save you watts and time in a race.


The Century has internal vent channels that actively guide the airflow through the helmet and add-up to your comfort. Keep your head cool for longer.

Additionally, the Century has rechargeable LED that is integrated into the rear of the helmet, the multi-mode light will run for 37 hours on a single charge. You can use the light whenever you ride to make yourself more visible.


Ventilation: 18 Vents + Twistcap

Sizes: S (52-56), M (55-59), L (58-61)


Search no more. The Century is here to keep you safe, fast, ventilated, visible and fast in style!








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