Hello Riders!!!

Have you made resolutions for this year? for 2022? 2022 is a Tiger year. The Year of the Tiger will be about making big changes. This will be a year of risk-taking and adventure. So here are some suggestions for your cycling, more risk taking and adventure New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Ride Farther/Ride Out of City/ Ride Abroad

If one of your resolutions is to break out from your routine, maybe you always ride around in your area, then you plan to expand your experience. Let’s go out from your common place, and bring your bike with you. It’s quite challenging, but so worth it. From preparation, research, riding, until back to home. You can go farther or out of city. Bring rinko bags if you ride the trains, or bike racks if you ride cars, bike travel case if you ride on plane or anywhere. Then explore the place you’ve never been before.

2. Climbing, Climbing, and Climbing

Improve your climbing. Many riders avoid the uphill roads, because climbing on bike is not only hard physically but also mentally. It needs a lot of practice, fix the position, and improve the technique. Then every time you face the uphill, you are no longer afraid to climb. You become stronger, faster, and more confidence.  

3. Lose Weight

Photo credit by: bicycling

Every year, a lot of people make resolution to lose their weight. Riding a bicycle is the best solution. Not only help you keep active and burn the fat, but also you can enjoy the process of becoming healthier.  

4. Introduce a Friend to Cycling

Don’t let yourself be the only one who can enjoy the fun of cycling. Introduce your friend to cycling. Simple route, check the gear, safety first, make a lot of stop and enjoy the ride are effective ways to make a person like to ride. Share a hobby and add more good memory.

5. Commute to Work

Start to commute to work by bike. You get fitter even without trying, you also automatically save the environment. Not only you save yourself, environment, but also help others. By bike, it easier to stop and visit local shops, in this way you also help local businesses.  

6. Learn Basic Maintenance and Skill

Participate every workshop or activity that benefits for you. In Sports Bike Factory, we held some workshops such as; puncture repair, clean the bike, morning ride, etc. Basic bike maintenance help the parts of your bike last longer. With some knowledge and practice, you can feel confident knowing you and your bike is ready to roll for each ride.

7. Try New Things or Upgrade Your Bike

Try new products can expand your experience, so you will know what the best for you. As well as upgrade your bike. Your bike is your companion, maybe your bike is awesome as it is, but over time components and parts will wear out and your skills improve, so change parts or upgrades are needed. Even the simple things can change your performance, like a saddle, pedals, tyres, etc. Your bike will have a better look and performance. Then you can enjoy cycling more. Beside that, when every part of your bike is your choice, your bike will reflect your character.    





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