Wish List for 2022

Good Day, Good People!

Making new resolution for next year? 

Having more fun in life? healthier life style? more interaction with nature and people? Saving more money? 

Let’s ride on bike!

Riding bicycle, you let yourself to get out of the box; your room, your place of work, train, car, etc. You can see the sky, trees, grass…while you see, you also can hear, feel and touch. Not only using all your sense and your body, but also your heart and mind. Your body and mind become healthier, and you become happier. 

Bicycles are easy to carry with you to wherever you go, easy to park, easy to ride. By riding on it, you will find the new paths and new places. Also you have chances to meet new people, make new friends, and open the new world. 

If you ready for change, please come to our shop…Sports Bike Factory. Let’s find the new bike that suit for you.


A road bike with machine inside, and if you like to have long riding and climbing this bike suit for you. Not only you will enjoy the ride, but also all the material, components and parts are high quality and working so well. You just run smoothly and satisfied with your riding.

    1. SPECIALIZED TURBO CREO SL Comp (737,000円)

Size S (163-170 cm)  


Size M (165-180 cm)

A mountain bike or MTB with machine inside. To ride more trails than you used to be. More fun and more powerful. 

TT (Time Trial) bike

TT bikes are a type of bike that has been specifically made for competitive time trial race. During these races, competitors race against the clock and attempt to achieve the fastest time across a set route.

1. CEEPO VENOM (491,000円)

Size S (158-170 cm) 

2. CEEPO KATANA Disc Ultegra Di2 (789,300円)

Size S (150-168 cm) 

Gravel Bike

Gravel bike for a rider who like to fast ride on and off roads. But also for a rider who loves adventures, long trip, and ride on tough tracks. Therefore, gravel bikes are usually equipped with many mount bolts for carrying a lot of luggage. 


Size 44 (149-155 cm)  

2. MASI BRUNELLO ( 262,900円)

Size S (165-175 cm) 

3. CANNONDALE TOP STONE Carbon 6 (286,000円)

Size XS (155-165 cm) 

Road Bike

They are designed with aerodynamic shape and lightweight material, also equipped with good to high-end component for riding faster and safe yet comfortable.

    1. AETHOS COMP (638,000円)

Size 54 (170-175 cm) 

2. DE ROSA IDOL (500,000円)

3. PINARELLO PRINCE DISC 105 (528,000円)

Size 46 

4. WILIER GTR TEAM 105 (247,500円)

Size S (166-171 cm)

5. MASI TAVOLO (218,900円)

Size XS (158-1780 cm) 

6. CANNONDALE CAAD 13 105 (264,000円)

Size 48 (160-170 cm)

Size 51 (165-175 cm)


Cross bike is suit for commuters, fitness, and relaxed travelers.


Size M (162-182 cm)

2. SPECIALIZED SIRRUS 3.0 (90,200円)

Size S (155-165 cm) 

Size M (165-175 cm)

And we still have more options. Please be free to ask questions about the bike or anything that related with bike until you find the bike that suit you the best. 

Happy New Year!!! Let’s make new resolution that not only good for ourselves, but also good for the environment!

See you next year! All the best! 


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