A Clean Bike is a Happy Bike :D

Hi wonderful people there!

 These weeks, it rains almost every day. Our bicycles become dirty and muddy easily. And we want our bicycles work smoothly when we ride it. Besides, cleaning our bikes regularly keeps its longevity and its good performance. Cleaning also make us notice if there is issue with our bikes such as hole in tire or cracks in frame.

If you need little guidance, keep reading for a few information…

What is difference of every cleaning product in the shop? What should I have?

Bike Wash is used for cleaning the entire bike. To remove dirt, dust, and mud of bicycle like frame, saddle, handle, tyres and wheels. But it’s not effective to remove oils.

Degreaser is very powerful cleaner to remove grease, oils, and heavy dirt. It used on the entire drivetrain (cassette, derailleurs, chain, chainrings). Because degreaser has strong chemical, it is used only in metal parts, not plastic, paint and rubbers. Don’t apply near or into bearings and cables, the grease is needed to make them function properly . Also don’t spray onto brake calipers/brake pads/rotors if you have disc brakes, degreaser will make them squeaky. 

If the chain still dirty, we can use chain cleaner.


Hope these few tips could help you little to know the differences of the cleaning products, and make you choose easier to pick the products that you need 😉


Enjoy your clean and shiny bike!!!


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