Eliminate Pain “Power Expert Mimic Saddle”

Hello, Wonderful Riders!!!

Many riders have many problem with discomfort of saddle that make the riding is not fun anymore. For women, the primary problem occur because of the high pressure on the front of nose saddle. This causes ischemic, which is  a condition in which the blood flow (and thus oxygen) is restricted or reduced in a part of the body. The outcomes are labial numbness, discomfort and pain. Specialized built the nose of saddle out of this two different densities of memory foam to really support the frontal labia and other most sensitive structure. It is called Mimic technology, which is memory foam that have purpose to relieve the pressure o soft tissue when riding, eliminated the soreness. The technology is not visible if only by seen, but can be felt when the saddle is touched. You can feel soft padding on the nose.

It highly recommend going to get your sit bones measured first to fit the size. Make sure that the width of your saddle matches with your sit bones. There are 143, 155, and 168 sizes.

Sports Bike Factory offers saddle rental for the riders who has doubt to choose the right saddle. Try it at least three or four rides before you make your decision, because it might take a little bit of adjusting and getting used to the nice thing.


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