How to choose the container to pack your essential kits

Hello, Good People!!!

When you need a container that has enough space to storage your small riding essential kits. There’s so many options out there. Hope you will find this little guidance useful. Here there are, how to choose a riding container for your need:

  1. Size

More stuff that you want to bring along, the container has to be bigger to fit all of the stuffs. Remember that essential kits are the kits that have you bring along every time you ride your bike. Maybe you want to bring additional items, such as a light jacket or windbraker. Also if you want to put your pump inside the container.

2. Shape

There are wedge shape that you can install depending on the attachment, like in the saddle, seat post, or top tubes frame.

Then the another one is tube shape container. You can put it directly to your bottle cage or put in inside your backpack.



3. Attachment mounts

You have to be carefully about the attachment mounts, especially if your bike part that you want to attached is made from carbon. The incompatible mounts can effect your carbon made. You can choose velcro, gum, or plastic made mounts.

You also should consider where the most efficient place to install it, so you could enjoy riding without the container get in your way.

The way of install also makes different. If you have more one bike, you have to consider to choose the container that easy to put on and take off. Like tube shape container or velcro, no tools are required, it is easier and faster. There are some products that also provide additional mounts to add it on another bikes.

4. Closure

There are some closures for the container, especially the wedge shape. Such as; the zipper, velcro, and buckle clip. Choose the one that you think most convenience to open.

Additional features:

Waterproof material; to protect the contains from getting wet.

The reflector on container, to adding visibility your presence.

Colors; to personalize your bike


Hope this little guidance could help you to choose the one that you need.

Please come to Sports Bike Factory, and check so there many options in here that you can choose.

Happy Cycling!!!!


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