Good Day, Good People!

“How did Specialized make a bike this quick and this stiff, yet this glassy smooth? How can it feel so light and crisp on a climb, yet so damn planted and predictable on a fast descent?” – Bicycling

Aethos Comp with classic look yet a monster machine that equal with S-Works bikes. The Aethos frame has been designed with the perfect combination of ultimate ride feel and style. It is super light, fast, smooth, and comfortable. 

With low-maintenance, wireless SRAM Rival eTap AXS electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes paired with bomb-proof DT Swiss R470 Disc wheels, you have the perfect steed to excite you out on the road.

If your height around 170-175 cm, we have two Aethos Comp size 54 in Sports Bike Factory, with price 638.000円.

Please contact or visit us if you interested.

Enjoy Your Weekend!



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