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How’s your life going? Hope everything is well for you!

Summer is coming, and the temperature will become hotter. Then it’s a great time to exercise. However, great physical exercise make easier to dehydrate. Therefore, what you need is keeping fueling your body with water. Remember 60% of our body is water 😉

Here, Sports Bike Factory, provides many brands of water bottle that good not only for cycling but also for other physical activities. One of them are “CAMELBAK“.

The material is 100% BPA-free with hydroguard technology that keep the taste of every liquid inside the bottle still the same. Plus keep the temperature of cold water for long hours…twice longer for CamelBak Podium Chill and four times longer for CamelBak Podium Ice.

It’s also large enough, but still very lightweight…so easy to grab with one your hand. Generous flow when it is squeezed, yet no more leak or spill because self-sealing jet valve. 


If you visit us, you might want to check it out ;D


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