Be a Secret Santa to Your Favorite Cyclist

Hello Good People!

Do you like Christmas? Are you full of cheer? A belly and a beard? No, you don’t need to do or have all the things to be a Santa Clause. Just a little heart of giving to share joy to others. Giving for your favorite cyclist doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. In that spirit, we’ve compiled some of the most useful, beautiful, fun, and affordable options for gifts.

  1. Winter Gloves
      • Specialized Prime Series Waterproof | ¥7370

When the cyclists ride through the cold wind, the hands will feel frozen and hurt. It’s hard for hands to control the handle, brake & shift.

2. Insulated Bottle

      • THERMOS | ¥4090

The cyclist must be happy to receive this gift, they can bring it anywhere. With their bike or just bring along to their office. Keep their favorite drink hot/cold longer.

      • Specialized Purist Insulated | ¥2200

This bottle have a large capacity, and easy to clean. The mold is not growing in the gum like common bottle. It also easy to grab and to sip.

3. Thermal Beanie

      • Specialized Prime Series | ¥3850

When cold winds hit the cyclists’ heads. this thermal beanie keep their heads warm.

4. Socks

      • RxL TDK 300R | ¥2090

Not only bright and colorful, but also made by high quality material that comfortable, and quick to dry for sweating feet. Furthermore, with 3D construction, arch support, anti-slip sole it is really grip well on the shoes that increase the power and improve the leg’s performance.

5. Lights

      • Cateye AMPP 300 | ¥3620

      • Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Lumens | ¥4260

Let the bright colors of the lights brighten and lighten up your favorite people in their riding days.

5. Carrier Bag

      • Specialized Seat Pack | ¥3300

      • Mont-Bell Front Bag | ¥4104

Every riding, it’s essential to carry a few spares and tools, and a saddle bag is a storage to keep them. A single inner tube, a mini tools and some form of inflator (mini pump or CO2) are enough. But a long trip or an epic sportive then having more space to pack a few extra spares, jackets and even some energy bars makes sense too.

6. Rear View Mirror

      • Corky | ¥2178

Outfitting the bike with the best bike mirror isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it’s a matter of saving the cyclist’s life. With a 360° degree angle adjustment, allows the cyclists keep their head straight while seeing what’s behind them, up to 100mts  behind. And when it’s not in use, simply close the lid to keep the mirror safe and sound.

7. Bell

      • Kizuki Bell | ¥1020

Simple design for personalize the bike with favorite color. The pleasant sound makes pedestrians take notice and move out the way without being startled. Perfect accessory gift to know their presence, won’t be ignored on busy cycling and forest trails.

8. Fender

      • Ass-Saver | ¥1458

Super-light clip-on fenders that guard your favorite cyclist when the storm hit.


The Bucket of Your Cyclist’s Favorite energy snacks.


Also, please share this list with your friends/family/anyone wondering what to get a cyclist for Christmas, and let’s make this the year you get something you love!

Enjoy your December!!








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