Breeze to Seitenkyū

Hello, Awesome People!!!

The day before yesterday is my first time to ride in the cold weather. Thank goodness, the sun shone brightly and the wind was not strong. Therefore, we could enjoy the ride until the end.

On the way of riding, we visited the Taiwan temple that is very magnificent and colorful, Seitenkyū in Japanese, Sheng Tian Gong is the largest Taoist temple in Japan. It took 15 years to build this temple, construction began in 1981 until its completion in the autumn of 1995. There are intricate carvings and statues are everywhere, please visit if you have a chance.

Then we had a lunch in the “backward-looking” restaurant. The restaurant is hospitable and welcoming.

The food was simple yet so nice and tasty.

It became a little bit warm in the afternoon. We went to the must stop by gelato shop, Asanoha. We ate the yummy gelatos while accompanied by the ladybug lawn mower, it’s cute.

A big thank you for attending “the weekday ride”. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We are looking forward to welcome you in our weekday wide, event or workshop in the future. For those of you who didn´t make it… See you soon.

For those of you who didn´t make it… See you soon.


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