Simple Tips to Choose Your Saddle

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Hope you guys are doing well and staying safe 🙂

Do you guys have a plan to change your saddle because you realize something not right with your current one? Before you decide to change your saddle, please read this little guidance, hope can help you to find the right one.

In general, there are 3 components that are in direct contact with the body when you on a bicycle; Grip, Saddle and Pedal. In this time, let’s dig deeper about saddle in simple way. You need the saddle to enjoy cycling, but the wrong one can ruin the experience and serious health issues. Therefore finding the right saddle often through process trial and error. Every saddle have different purposes, shape and size. There are several things to consider regarding shape and fit when looking for a new saddle for your bike.

Generally, the saddle width is around 140-150 mm.

When you sit on a bike, your weight rest upon ischial tuberosity also known as the sit bones. Every person has different shape sit bone and they are positioned differently on every rider.

Comfort is mostly determined by the shape of saddle

Big wide saddle with thick padding is designed for leisure and city bikes that are intended for long journeys, and not wearing padded short. The position of sitting more upright on a bike, putting more pressure on sit bones.

Road bike saddles don’t need thick padding, because the geometry of a bike let the rider sit on it at different angles or flexible positions. This puts less pressure on sit bones. They also are designed to be coordinated with a padded short.

If you have great pelvic rotation, you’ll be able to get onto a more aggressive saddle.

Cut Out saddle is basically a hole in the middle of saddle and are designed to relieve pressure on your soft tissues. Whether one prefers a center cutout or not is entirely subjective. This is really only something you can determine for yourself by trying these options to see how they feel.

Some riders experience great relief from saddles with a large cutout…

while others prefer a less pronounced indentation…

and some like a smooth top saddle…

The Material of saddle  and its rail are usually determined that the lighter the saddle, the more expensive it is. These are common types of saddle rails material used which are carbon, titanium and alloy. 

Then, set the saddle to the right height and position.

So many options out there, the best way to figure this out is to head to your local bike shop. You can come to Sports Bike Factory for measuring and fitting the saddle, we also provide rental for saddle therefore you can test the saddle until you find the best one.


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