The Wings of Futuristic Fighter Jet “Handlebar”

Hi, fellow cyclist!!!

We know carbon fiber has revolutionized handlebar design. The most notable change has been the flattening of the bar top to give riders a more comfortable to rest their palms when climbing, reducing pressure on the hands. And because carbon fiber reduces the vibration that travels through the bicycle to the rider, it cuts muscle fatigue, allowing a rider to ride longer. Introduce one of the best out there:


Improving on the original S-Works Aerofly, the S-Works Aerofly II takes the knowledge of countless Win Tunnel hours and transfers it into handlebars that are not only fast (you save around 20+ seconds over 40k), but that also have a myriad of features that make them comfortable. Starting with the tops, you’ll find a textured surface that ensures your hands stay in place in when it’s wet, plus there’s a step that makes bar tape even with the tops of the bars for both comfort and a clean look. With sweaty hands on hot days, you couldn’t get some slippage.

Next up, we took feedback from our World Tour teams and pushed the airfoil forward, and this ensures more forearm and knee clearance. And finally, we made the Aerofly II lighter. In fact, at a mere 235 grams in size 42cm, it’s the lightest aero road bar in its category. Consider it aero without compromise.

Bars a very stiff, great for putting out power. Very light. Cables run inside bars and come out or into the stem, very tidy.

The look. It is one of the best looking aero handlebars out there. The forward sweep and slight dihedral really makes the Aerofly II look like the wings of some futuristic fighter jet.

A very thoughtful addition is the “step-down” just past the 90° corner that enables a bar tape transition onto the flat part of the handlebar. A more aero position with the elbows at 90° and the hands on the top of the hoods. Down in the drops, the bend of the AeroflyII is very comfortable with a gentle curvature that offers a multitude of hand positions.


Here the surface has these dots that look like sandpaper. Better than a totally smooth (or even glossy like some aero bars) surface. So keep your stem and brake lever away from slippery on your handlebar.

  • Bar width (center-to-center): 40/42/44cm
  • Bend: 40/42/44cm—130mm drop x 80mm reach, 38cm—125mm drop x 75mm reach

You are welcome to come check it out yourself 🙂


Happy Weekend!!!! ;D





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