Do You Want to Upgrade Your Bike?

Hello Fabulous Riders!!! 

Maybe you still love your old bike…the frame is really fit with you. But realize after a long period of time, there something problem coming from your bike, for example it could be a saddle that’s no longer comfortable, or the worn out handle bar tape.

Or another case, when you want to reward yourself because you really enjoy riding a bicycle. We know most of our improvement come through effort and practice. However, every rider and every bike deserves a treat. To personalize your bikes, or to level up your performance and comfort when riding a bike.

Here are the list of the road bike upgrades you can make:

First of all, bicycle frame is a combination of tubing that is formed in such a way that parts can be installed with certain specifications and to produce certain functions or driving patterns. The most important before upgrading your bike is your frame is the correct size to begin with.


  1. Wheels

Wheels carry most of the weight on your bike, the reduction a few hundred grams weight can make a difference. Heavier rims will last you longer and can help you to feel more stable as you ride. However, if you want to make your bike faster, and have the budget, you can get a pair that are lighter, thinner and more aerodynamic. For example, beside carbon wheels look cool, they are improving ride feel and performance and cutting weight.

2. Tyres

Your tires are the only part of your bicycle that contact with the road. Choose the high quality tyres with lighter weight, and more puncture resistant that constructed from lighter rubber compounds. Therefore, they will roll faster and responsive. They also make your bike more ideal for climbing, descending, and racing.

3. Handlebar and Stem

Each rider has different arm lengths and shoulder widths. Choosing the correct bars can increase comfort, making it easier to ride for longer.

Plus, high quality bar tape is requirement.

4. The Saddle

An uncomfortable bike saddle can turn cycling into a miserable experience, and can even lead to serious health issues. Before you buy one, your saddle needs an adjustment, such as the height and fore/aft of saddle position. Then choose the saddle fit you properly, consider you will wear padded bike short when you’re riding. 

5. Groupset

As we know, the technology of bicycle is growing rapidly. For those who have more budget, they will usually upgrade the groupset as a whole. Starting from the shifters, RD, FD, Crankset, sprockets, and chains. However, for those whose budget is limited usually upgrade partially. In upgrading a bicycle groupset, we must be carefully about the compatibility between parts. This is important so that the groupset can work optimally.

7. Brakes

The more powerful and predictable your brakes, more confidence you gain when running bicycle. High quality brakes allow you to regulate your speed accurately and efficiently, because you can can control how much stopping power is being used.

There you go. You will get that enjoyment and satisfaction out of your rides when you upgrading your bike, and you can explore and appreciate what you and your bike are capable of on the road indifferent ways. But remember to keep it real with your budget. If you’re planning on doing upgrading or parts changing, Sports Bike Factory is a good place to explore these questions further.

Enjoy Riding!!! ;D


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