Short Sleeves Jersey

Hello Fantastic Riders!!!

How’s your life going? Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Do you have a plan for long riding?  We know the good jersey make the better journey. Especially facing the road with sunshine, heat, rain, and winds. But so many options of jersey out there…How to choose the right jersey? Therefore, we want to share mini guide to choose the right jersey:

The Fabric

Synthetic fabric can be quickly  wicked away the sweat that keep you dry and comfortable. Synthetic fabric also is coated with fibers so bacteria can’t grow faster. If the jersey wash repeatedly, the coat would removed gradually. It’s time to change the new one, if the old one is getting smellier more quickly. 

The jersey also should be light and breathable with long zip, so it can be opened when we feel heat.

Furthermore, in the rear of jersey should be trio pockets to put drink bottle, energy bar, and valuable things. 

The purpose

  • All day comfort or Race

All day comfort jersey is designed for on and off bike, for everyday cycling and comfort. Not to tight and not to loose either. It’s ideal for training and riding club. And also, perfect for weekend to stop for coffee or cafe. 

  • Race 

It made for speed, so it is constructed ultra lightweight. It is tight in body, very close to the skin feel like second skin for aerodynamics purpose, especially in shoulders and front. Therefore no excess fabric to flap in the wind, so that we can go faster.


Hope this mini guide can help you to choose easier what kind jersey that you need.

Please come check out Sports Bike Factory for further guidance, or to grab available top quality jerseys.


Have a nice week!









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